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Find null smart pointer dereferences with the Clang Static Analyzer[GSoC2020]

Final Report-Google Summer of Code 2020

My GSoC work on GitHub: Commits(Maybe the link changes, if that is the case please search for: “[author:vrnithinkumar author-date:2020-06-01..2020-08-31]” in the repository of the LLVM project) My......

Building and Running LLVM-Clang Static Analyzer

Building LLVM From sourceI am documenting how I am building LLVM Clang in my Mac Air 2015. macOS Mojave 10.14.6 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB MemoryGet the source codegit clone

GSoC 2020 - Find null smart pointer dereferences with the LLVM-Clang Static Analyzer

I am happy to announce that my proposal for GSoC 2020 - Find null smart pointer dereferences with the LLVM-Clang Static Analyzer got accepted. This summer I will be working on adding the feature to......

VIM Notes

" All my VIM related notes"

VIM NotesWriting down about all my vim tips here. It will be updated regularly ModesVim has different modes to manipulate the text. Normal Insert and Visual are the main modes. Normal ModeDefault o......

Generics in .NET

" Design and Implementation of Generics in .NET "

IntroductionRecently I gave talk in my office related to generics in .NET. How it got introduced and how it work behind the scenes. I mainly referred the Design and Implementation of Generics for t......

F# Mentorship Program : Week-2

"F# Software Foundation’s Mentorship Program. Week-2"

Summary:I updated my progress in both sharp for fun and profit and hacker rank, we discussed one of my solution in hacker rank. Oleg suggested to try Fibonacci in different ways. We tried solving t......

F# Mentorship Program : Week-1

"F# Software Foundation’s Mentorship Program."

F# Software Foundation’s Mentorship ProgramIt is my pleasure to share that I have got selected in F# Software Foundation’s Mentorship Program. I got a great mentor, Oleg Golovin. As per the discuss......

F# in Mac OS.

"Setting up F# with .NET Core, VSCode and Ionide."

Introduction to F# in Mac OSIn short we will be setting up in the below order. Install .NET Core. Install VS Code. Install Ionide.Installing .NET CoreDownload and install .NET Core SDK from .NET C......

Git Basic Commands

"Enough basics to get started with Git."

Introduction to GitGit, a version control created by Linus, creator of Linux. It was created for managing contributions to linux code base. This post is covering some of the basic commands which us......

RegEx in Visual Studio

"Swap parameters in Visual Studio using regular expression."

Swap parameters using regular expressionThis issue is occurred to me many times while sending review request, for example when I use Assert.AreEqual() method and the parameters are not in the order......